Monday, April 16, 2007

I would like to scream right now.

I bloody detest schools+medical stuff. They do not go hand in hand at all. Last week, Lauren was diagnosed as having asthma. Last night i was in two minds about whether or not to send her to nursery school. By this morning she was doing well, no coughing, no wheezing and full of beans. So I took her. Laurens nursery is split between two buildings. In the morning she has a session at one builder, lunches there, and then moves to the second building. This strange arrnagment happened because of the current mad mad mad family situation. So I took her to the morning building. Handed over her inhaler and spacer, with strict instrictions that IT MUST go over to the second building after lunch. I filled in medical forms for both buildings in the office, instructions of how many puffs, maximums, when to give it (am very well practised with asthma) and went home.

Roll on home time. I go to the second building and Lauren is struggling. She is coughing, red faced and can barely talk. The nursery staff were very concerned. The inhaler hadnt been bought over with Lauren, the medical forms hadnt been sent over and no-one had bothered to inform the afternoon staff that Lauren now has asthma. So i had to play hunt down the inhaler. It was still in the first building. I am sick and tired of school playing with my childrens lives. A similar thing happened last summer at Nicoles school, where they totally missed the fact she was having an asthma attack and told her to take a drink of water. By the time she came home she needed a nebuliser and a weeks course of oral steroids. Since then I have insisted there is an inhaler in Nicoles classroom at all times and she has access it top it, afterall she has livedwith it since she was a tot, she knows better than anyone when she needs it.

So, what do i do? I am going to ask the nursery to look into the asthma uk site. and see if they can issue asthma cards. I did this with Nicoles school. Asthma is life threatening, and some people seem to forget that. My girls dont appear to be the usual wheezey asthmatics that are protrayed on tv programmes. They get the awful hacking coughs, and then they cant breathe as they are coughing so much. the wheezing happens right at the end of an attack.

I am booking another GP appointment this week and will also see if Lauren can be seen by the asthma nurse. I would to be able to issue both buildings an inhaler and spacer for Lauren so this situation NEVER EVER arises again. Until then, I hope they get it right because I will pull her out of there so damn quick otherwise.


Emmie said...

Oh god, schools + medical problems = potential nightmare! And I'm speaking from 15 years of struggling with it myself. Which is my favourite it the three years at primary school where I had to spend every morning break standing in the school secretary's office to eat my snacks (because snacks were banned between meals but I was verging on malnutrition because of my CF), or was it being shouted at for not having done homework when I was so unwell I could barely stay awake all evening after getting home from school? Or perhaps the joy of being given salad every single day for school lunch (despite the fact that I was very underweight) because the school couldn't understand my inability to digest fat (and NO!! She can't possibly be permitted to bring a packed lunch when the other girls aren't allowed to). Actually no, I think the best memories are of spending my ENTIRE morning and lunch breaks every single day ****** day outside the nurses office waiting for her to come back so I could eat my enzymes in order that I could actually then eat (and digest) some food. All medications were banned and even though my enzymes were completely harmless they wouldn't bend the school rules even for those!

Anyway, sorry for the rant! Poor you, this is the last thing you need on your plate and its not fair on Lauren. I think you need to emphasise to them just how serious this is, as you say many people think athsma is just a trivial matter and it's not. Also, could Lauren be allowed to keep her inhaler on her in a little bag or something if they can't sort this out - although it isn't exactly rocket science is it?!!

Anyway GOOD LUCK!!

Tim said...

Ugh - I just don't understand how schools can be so irresponsible sometimes when it comes to the illnesses of their students, or how unsympathetic. I remember being given a bucket to throw up in when I was going through school, because the teacher felt that my headaches were an attention-seeking ploy and wouldn't let me leave the class; I really hope Lauren's school gets its act together quick and realises they need to take her condition more seriously.

I'm so sorry all of this is happening to you. I really hope everything works out - the last thing you need is _another_ source of stress with everything that's going on. Good luck!

Tinypoppet said...

Just to send you an awful lot of hugs right now...Maybe a nurse from Asthma UK can come and talk to the teachers?
I did a talk myself in high school (so waay older!), didn't have any trouble when I was in first school because no one knew I had CF! (I would just hide all my medication in my lunchbox) I really hope someone can help explain to the teachers how important the inhalers are and help put your mind at rest hon, huge hugs xx