Monday, April 23, 2007

I took it myself

dear me, i should've tidied up behind me before i did this one hahahahahahaa. in my defnece, i have no floors. i accidently flooded the kicthen over a month ago and we had to rip up the floors, some things have had to be packed away, and some things now have no home.


Jessica said...

Floors or no floors, your house is one of love and that's what matters most! ^__^ Btw, love the funky hair do!!!!

ps/ Today is my birthday! *grins* I want to reserve my birthday wish for Peter. May he get his well-deserved heart soon! *crosses fingers*

Tim said...

My house is a gazillion times more untidy than yours, if it makes you feel any better. ^^

Joshua said...

Love the hair! :-)