Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I am a grumpy grouchey old bag today

Do not piss me off.

No idea whats going on in my little tiny mind. I feel like i have read far too many reports lately on transplants, sorting out charity stuff, back to school, asthma, doctors, perscriptions, shopping lists etc. I though I had every done and dusted today and when I bought the girls home from school I was looking forward to reading a book and then preparing dinner. Then I realised I had forgotton to get milk and bread. If I had run out of just one of those items, I could've fobbed the kids off with an alternative for breaksfast tomorrow, but running out of both, oh no no. So had to do a evening dash to the shop. Now, an evening dash isnt just me getting into the car and getting the stuff we need. Its a case of getting all three monkeys into the car and strapped into their seats, then helping Peter get into the car, move his LVAD off the wheels and into the footwell of his seat. Fold the trolly, put that in the boot, put the spare LVAD in the car, make sure house is locked and then go. Do all this in reverse when you get home. its a pain in the bloody arse.

So now my head hurts, I'm tired, so I am going to snuggle down with my duvet over my head and hope no one wakes me up till my alarm goes off at 7am.


Tis me.... said...

Please check out my blog, you're included in this very special post!!

misdee said...

does that mean i have a thinking blogger award thingy?


Jessica said...

dGrouchiness comes along with the entire package called "How to Survive These Hellish Days on Earth", my dear. Crankiness is completely justified! *hugs*

Tim said...

Totally agreed - if anyone's got a right to be cranky, you do. You can't hold the weight of the world on your shoulders for any lengthy period of time without getting sore - people who know and love you will understand, and those who don't probably deserve to bear the brunt of it. Sorry I haven't been commenting - had a lot of work to get through this week.