Thursday, April 19, 2007

Feeling better

I actually got some sleep yippee! I got woken up at 6.45am which is pretty darn close to the alarm going off at 7am, so pretty pleased with that.

Diet is going well, but my hands are freezing. Very strange in this warm weather we are having, makes typing fun anyway.

Have spoken to Peter about height etc, and we are considering contacting a few 'chat' shows to discuss height being of importance with organ donaors. (Emmie, may need your contacts on this one). Basically I am in the frame of mind of NEEDING to do something to raise awareness, and I want to go further afield than the local press this time, nothing against the local paper at all, but maybe its time to go national again? There must be an organ donation awareness week soon which would be a good time to do it. Maybe Peter can do a Justine and get a call during transplant week :)

I also got the sponser forms through a few weeks ago for the Harefield Fun Run in September, so need to dig those out, fill them in and send them back with our registration fee. Peter is hoping to be able to do a mile this year again, but with his pain around the LVAD worsening all the time, I think he will only be able to do it if he gets a transplant this summer. The girls cant wait, and you never know by then, maybe I'll be able to run a mile or three lol.


Emmie said...

Sarah, you only need to say the word and I will get on to all my contacts for you. I feel strongly that with the right type of press release (which I'm more than happy to do) and with some word-of-mouth messages passed through journalists I know, we can get some good national publicity for Peter. Transplant Week is in July but I don't think you need to wait that long if you want to get moving on it sooner. You know I'm more than happy to help.

So glad you feel a bit brighter today. Lots of love to you all xxx

Jessica said...

Wow, I wish I could fly off to the UK and join your family in the run for organ donation. We don't have anything like it here where I live (darn Canadian government promotes zilch on behalf of organ donation awareness programs)! You and Peter are such awesome troopers for doing the run, especially Peter because I'm sure it's not easy for him. I can't be there to cheer for you in person, but certainly I will be in spirit! Is there any donations I can give to you, or pledges or something along those lines, Sarah? I'd be more than willing to do so! *hugs*