Saturday, April 21, 2007

Down, down, down.

I am feeling lost again this morning. Lack of sleep may have something to do with that. The girls were playing musical bed all night.

But the sun is shining, its warm out, I am getting 3 hours off later, wish i could say I was doing something exciting and fun, but today I need to go shopping (the girls want home made pizza later, i need some tomatoes), pay some bills, put money in the bank, pick up perscriptions for Nicole and Peter, and laundry.

So aside from all boring stuff, I am going to try and list some things that make me happy.

1. Peter. He may be wired up all the time, but he comes out with some cracking one liners. He remains cheerful 99% of the time, and is always willing to do some publicity when I get it into my head that we need to do something. Yesterday I heard an 'Ow' come from him. He was a fair distance from his machine. i dont know if he forgot he was connected or what, but the look of amusement he gave the LVAD as he reluctantly went to move it to where he wanted to be was priceless. It was definatly a you had to be there moment.

2,3,4. My 3 daughter. Nicole, Lauren and Serena. They light up my life, even when fighting and squabbling. They have gone through so much stress in the last 2.6years but they are still amazing children. They behave very well, and we often get compliments on their behaviour when out. I was at the cinema with Serena the other week, and a lady stopped me at the end of the film to congratulate me on having a wonderfully behaved daughter and said how beautiful she is as well.

5. My dolls. I restore My Child dolls from the 1980's. I havent done many lately as I have been busy elsewhere, but I have two that now need work. Its great fun taking a filthy, sometimes mouldy doll with tangled hair who is nude, and cleaning it up, reweaving its hair, finding an original outfit and putting it on display or up for sale for someone else to enjoy.

6. Prams. (laugh at this one if you want lol) I also like tinkering with prams and buggies. Around xmas, I found an old silvercross coachbuilt pram on ebay and bought it for £13. When I bought it home, my mum said she wouldnt touch it with a bargepole. I spent a few evenings cleaning the frame, carrycot, hood, steaming it, washing it etc etc. Then eventually put it back up for sale, and got £130 for it. I was pleasently surprised.

7. Rollerskating. i havent been for over 10years,but I love it. I am hoping to restart it soon once I am fitter.

will think of more later.


Emmie said...

OOOH if you like doing up old prams you should come down here in September LOL. Our village hosts the oldest carnival in the UK and we have events that go on over 4 weeks leading up to it. One of them is called the "Cossars Sale" and these guys go round the village for days beforehand(dressed up) on a tractor collecting anything people can donate. It is run as an auction and goes on for 4 hours one evening, and they always have TONS of prams and pushchairs - often in excellent quality - that usually go for anything from 50p to £5 :o)

Such a lovely smiley post this. Hope you have a good afternoon and the sunshine makes you feel brighter xxxxx

Tim said...

I'm sorry you're feeling down - I hope as the day's worn on, you've thought of more things to be happy about and are feeling heaps better.

I never ever could get the hang of rollerskating. Or ice skating, skate boarding, surfing, or anything that required a moderately developed sense of balance, for that matter. x_x

Jessica said...

Your courage and spunky "I'm cool no matter what happens" mentality is awesome! Keep on smiling, sweetie, through the tears! btw, what are prams? Are they like bedsheets or something?

Tim said...

At least over here, prams are the wheeled trolley-like contraptions that you put babies in to help you carry them around during the day. What do they call them in Canada?