Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blog I Read

There are many blogs i glance at and never return to. But there are a handful i view daily for updates, and sometimes comment. Unsurpisngly they are generally about transplant patients, either written by their parents or themselves. I havent managed to find one written from a partners perspective yet, but I do email a few partners of transplant patients for the odd rant :)

Emilys blog. Emily has cystic fibrosis, and was also put on the transplant list, but for a double lung transplant, in March 2005. Finally in January of this year she got the call for a transplant. She is currently writing up the whole transplant story on her blog, and its very very interesting. She was at the same hospital where Peter attends and will have his transplant hopefully.

Moreenas. Moreena is a mother to two little girls, Annika and Frankie. Annika is currently waiting for her third liver transplant. And is currently under going more tests to see if she will get bumped up the list due to suspected hepatopulmonary syndrome

And this blog is one I found today through Moreenas, and I think it will be one I will return to, and i cant wait for the book. I am working my way backwards through it. i havent read enough to give you details, but do please read it.

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