Thursday, March 29, 2007

OOOooo I have new readers.

I have just been on jessicas blog, which explains the few extra comments we have been getting lately :) fab!

Yes we are in the not-so-sunny United Kingdom. Near London in fact. We live i na lovely green area of Hertfordshire :)

Anyway, today. right then. Peter is still in Harefield hospital. Still in pain, but they cant up his pain meds as the side effects will increase and it will just be going round and round in a big big circle. His INR (blood thickness) is a little unstable atm, so that really needs to get under control as well. He has had an ultrasound done, all is as normal as can be (for peter i mean, not for a normal person with a normal heart). So tomorrow hopefully he can come home. Which left me having an 'aaaarrrrrgh' moment, as tomorrow is the last day of school and Nicole finishes early. My parents are away on hols, peters mum is with her family (see yesterdays post) and my sisters are collecting their own kids from school in other towns or are at work. The hospital is 30miles from home. And having been there on discharge days before it can take hours, sometimes all day. So have called on one of the mums at the school and she is collect Nicole for me, and having a 'playdate' phew!

Now all I need is the motorway to be clear tomorrow, todays journey took twice as long as the M25 was so slow.


Megan said...

Sarah, yes, I found out about your blog thru Jessica's. Her brother, Daniel, was one of my best friends. I wish I'd known about your blog before so I could've given my support (albeit, through the world wide web) sooner. I cannot even imagine what you and Peter are going through. You're so incredibly brave, dear Sarah. And likewise, so is Peter.

I adore that picture of Peter reading to your girls. What a beautiful smile he has! I don't want that smile to ever falter. I saw that DCM did to Daniel, and it's a horrible disease, a very merciless one. But there is hope because there always is. May God's grace heal Peter, as well as your aching heart.

This message is for Peter.

Peter, I know how
excruciating it is for you to breathe. But think of it this way: with every breath
that you inhale and exhale is one breath to you getting that healthy heart that you so richly deserve.
Keep on breathing for your wife and your girls, Peter.

Megan (Ottawa, Canada)

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i came from jessica's blog just now to let you know i am sending prayers your way for you and Peter and your family.
be well and go well.

Jessica said...

Sarah! *hugs* It is my pleasure to introduce more readers to your blog. I mean, yours is by far a more intriguing and heartwarming read than my lame attempt at blogging! I'm really pleased to know that Peter might be coming back to you soon. I know that he's not 100% well without a new heart but at least he'll be home again, where he belongs. It must be very harsh on you that the hospital is so far from your home. Traffic jams are such headaches! I'm crossing my fingers for a speedy recovery for Peter, a fast trip from the hospital back to your home, and lots of good news coming your way!

PS/ I'm sorry for not asking you first about dedicating some space on my blog about you and Peter; also, I "snatched" his picture without telling yout, but since you posted it here, I figured that it was probably OK for public viewing. Am I forgiven? ^_^

Tim said...

Greetings from Australia. ^_^ I just wanted to let you know I'm praying for you and Peter, and I really hope the hospital lets him go home. It must be so hard for you, living so far from the hospital, and I'm sure Peter will feel better in his home with his family. Hope everything works out okay!

Anna said...

Hi Sarah
Seem to have got behind on everything which is going on for you just now.
I am sorry life is being overly harsh again. Every day I think of you and pray things will improve with that one special phone call.