Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Life has gotton worse. but also better for some people

Today, Peters Grandad passed away.

Also today, I found out that our friend on the super-emergency list was transplanted two weeks ago and is now recovering.


Jessica said...

Sarah, I'm so sorry for the loss of Peter's grandfather. May he rest in peace. And congratulations on your friend getting his/her transplant! Good things come to those who wait, people always tell me. Now *stomp* when will it be Peter's turn?

Tim said...

I'm sorry to hear about Peter's grandfather, but it's great to hear about your friend. I'm praying for Peter to get his transplant soon, and I really everything'll go well when he does. Every day is one day less you have to wait, right? At least, it kinda helps to think of it like that. Take care, and sorry for the brevity of this comment - kinda typing it up on a very glitchy computer.