Friday, March 30, 2007

Home again.

Peter is home again. His pain meds have been upped slightly. So we shal lsee what happens. INR is back in range. And he is ticking away now behind me.

Thank you for all your good wishes etc. But i feel i should clear something up. When Peter was in end stage heart failure back in summer 2005, and on Inotropic Drugs ( ) , he was very breathless, couldnt talk much, retaining a lot of fluid. But since the LVAD is now supporting his heart he doesnt get breathless anymore. which is great. He has also regained his weight (he lost 25% of his body weight between Oct 04-jan 05) and is maintaining it well.

But thank you for thinking of us.

Oh and Jessica, this blog is for public viewing so pics etc are fine to be used elsewhere.


Tim said...

Great to hear Peter's home again and that he's doing okay. Just wanted to let you know I'm praying for you, and for him, and I really hope he'll get his transplant soon.

Jessica said...

*sigh of relief* YAY I'm super happy that Peter's back home and that in spite of everything, he's feeling better. Thanks for the update, Sarah, and thanks for the A-OK about me putting up Peter's pictures. I'll always keep you and Peter in my prayers.

I'm really glad that the LVAD is helping Peter and that he's not breathless anymore. Medical science can be so wonderous. It's hitting me what a shame it was that Dan never got to experience what it was like to breathe deeply and not feel deprived of oxygen after he developed end stage heart failure. He passed away a month after his LVAD surgery and he was making tremendous progress, but he still needed supplemental oxygen. Most of us take breathing for granted, but it's not such a simple thing to do when you can't make use of the oxygen you're taking in.

Btw, do you live in a small town outside of London, Sarah? It must be so peaceful. My knowledge of the UK is terribly limited. I know of Bridget Jones, Beckham, Becky Bloodwood and Prince William and erm, that's about it! ^_^ I've never been to the UK but it looks like such a lovely country from the movies!

OK I'm rambling; I'll shut up now! LOL! Have a wonderful weekend, Sarah, with Peter and your daughters! *hugs*

Jessica said...

Sarah, insomnia is at its worst again tonight (I seriously think I need sleeping pills to actually, well, sleep!). So I'm surfing online and I got to see your "family montage" that you did months ago. What a beautiful family you have! Your little daughters really *do* look like cherubs! And Peter looks sick and thin, which brought back sharp memories of my brother, but he looked happy. Compared to those pictures to recent pictures of him now, he's come such a long way! He looks awesome now, much healthier, and the gauntness is gone. I'm sure this is all thanks to the LVAD, your love and your wonderful cooking! *grins* I noticed in the montage that were aren't any pictures of you, but that just reveals that you placed your children and Peter above everything *hugs* Thanks for sharing with us your life, Sarah. You truly are a lovely person and you have such a lovely family. I'm always rooting for you! And cover your ears. I'm loud! ^_^ Hope you get more ZZZZ's tonight than me!

misdee said...

i dont like having my pic taken, and iam usually behind the camera :)