Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hello world, and what a crazy one it is.

Firstly the weather, what the heck is going on. Last week, we were in light spring jackets, sandels and I was about to wash the winter coats and pack them away. Now, its been snowing, hailing, raining, more snow, more hail and its so so cold again. gah!

Ok, Peter update. nothing, nada, zilch, zero. No calls, one small infection, thats it.

Kids update? Still got three of them, havent lost any of them, tried to post them abroad or give them away, varying between Cherubic and cheeky monkey atm.

So we are doing, well ok really. Life is pootling along, we are strolling along even slower behind everyone else, but its carrying on.

I have spent today looking at peoples blogs who linked to the video from youtube. Its been interesting and very moving. I was especially struck by jessicas blog. She lost her brother to DCM after an LVAD op. Her blog is very moving. I wish jess and her family lots of healing vibes as they recover from this. I cant imagine what its like.

I took a picture of Peter doing bedtime stories earlier. I tried to get all 3 girls in the pic, but Lauren was off twirling and wouldnt join in. so here is Peter with Nicole by his side, and Serena sitting on his lap.


Jessica said...

Dear Sarah,

Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. Finally I was able to get my own gmail account so I could comment on your blog. My internet has been very iffy lately so I'm sorry for the late response.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a response from you on my blog. No, it's my pleasure to link your montage about Peter so that the world can see how life on the transplant list is like. You and Peter are amazing and courageous fighers; I want to spread your message of hope in any way that I can.

Thank you for reaching out to me when you are also working through your own pain. And thank you for your beautiful words of condolences for Dan on your blog. It's so selfless and thoughtful of you to comfort me when it's you whom I should comfort.

It's still very difficult for me to remember my brother, Dan. Indeed, if only I had another day with him. What I wouldn't give for just another day! It's an infuriating thought to think that someone as young as Dan never got a second shot at life due to organ donor shortages. Likewise, I'm frustrated and angered because Peter has been waiting this long and desperately for that call and still nothing! I can only pray for my entire being for a new heart to come his way soon. Just hang on, Sarah. Hang on a little longer.

Even though I don't know you in person, I can sense through your words how much you love Peter and your children. And that kind of love is something that I can only dare dream of one day experiencing. You both shared a love "beyond the stars" (as my brother would put it, for he, too, had a girl he loved dearly). It is obvious that Peter is a magnificent human being, and it is only fitting that he loves a woman equally magnificent.

I have learned so much from your writing, Sarah. I just spent a good hour reading through your blog archives, and I will continue to read your blog. Your writing is beautiful, and wise, and a perfect and rare combination of hilarious and profound and sad, with a joyfulness and love of life apparent throughout. Because of you, I find myself acutely aware of how precious life is and how precious love is. This is directly because of your writings. Of course, Dan's illness contributed much to these life lessosn too. It wasn't easy for my parents and I to care for him when his condition spiralled downward, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I find myself missing his Darth Vader-like voice, so raspy and deep from lack of oxygen and seeing his oxygen concentrator around the house or heading straight to the transplant centre from school to be with him. I fhave an eerie sense of loss eating away at me on days when the grief hurts the most. You are living through what I had endured through on a daily basis, so I'm sure you know exactly how I feel. It's not an easy task being the caregiver, and it's a tall order to ask of anyone. But you are doing it and you are pulling through with more grace and humility than I ever could.

This post is getting lengthy so I won't keep you. But Sarah, please know that will keep you, Peter, and your girls in my heart, and, most likely, think of you both every time I pray. I hope that you will find some comfort in days and years ahead in knowing that there is still hope for Peter, and that you are, in every way, his angel of hope.

If you ever need to reach me, either to rant about life or anything in between, you're more than welcome to write me at:

*hugs* ~ Jessica

Jessica said...

By the way, I simply adore that picture of Peter reading to your girls. Ahhh, your little ones are sooooo adorable! And their Daddy is a great daddy to read to them! What a touching moment,perfectly captured on camera! ^_^