Sunday, February 11, 2007

wha happened earlier

right this is what happened.

i dropped peter and the girls off in the morning to his parents house whilst i dash into town to sort out perscription for dd1 who has another UTI (she is weeing every 5mins so needed to leave her as well there). i get back, they have all had a snack (crumpets), and start to get them into the car,. petrer is fine, is chatting away, totally with it, all normal. his mum plugs him into the car, i strap the girls in. then

'are you ok peter'
'i'm fine'
'whats time is your dinner tonight as you need your dressing done'
'i'm fine, i'm ok

'no peter whats time is your dinner'
'i'm fine really, why you asking me again',peter.
MIL stares at me, looking really annopyed as she thinks he is messing about, she has been up since 5am for work
'stop it peter, what time is dinner'
,about 5
peter looks at me saying 'i'm fine, whats going on, i'm fine' mil says about 'stop acting up peter

'he isnt messing about' Peter is looking totally lost and confused, and starts slurring his words saying 'i';m fine, whats going on, what you all on about, i'm fine'

so i called the hospital, ask for trasnplant register, they arent in, so state that Peter williams is coming in now, give them MIL number, then i had to drive home with him, to get the girls out, call my parents, wait for his mum to catch us up, get all his extra equipmwent in the car, his bag etc. meanwhile his mum is being told over the phone she cant bring him in till a bed is found, she refuses to take him to local hospital. but fortunatly they call back when she gets to ours, bed is ready so they go off. really we should've called an ambualnce, but this way was faster. he was totally silent on the way down, which isnt like peter as he normally gabs 19to the dozen.

his reflexes are fine, but his brain has gone haywire basically. everytime you speak to him, there is a long pause whilst he takes it all in, he stares for a while then answers. he is like a little boy again. he tried to walk to the toilet barefooted, i had to force his trainers onto his feet. he didnt know which way the doors opened. his regular nurses were there but he didnt know them.

its truely frightening. but i know we can get through this.


Heather said...

Hope he gets better soon misdee xx

Joshua said...

I'm so sorry that this is happening to you! The same thing happened to my brother, Dan, when his potassium levels plummeted. He was so out of it, he didn't recognize his family or friends, and he had very little recollection of past and present memories. It was a very frightening experience, and I'm so sorry that you have to endure the same kind of situation. I hope that Peter's doctors can do something to help him overcome this mental confusion. Sometimes lowering the dosage of meds can help. I'll be praying for you tonigiht! ~ Jess