Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Smelly Smelly man

Peter has a bacterial infection in his LVAD site. both tubes, which lead directy to his heart. hmmm. So he has been swabbed, pricked and given more pills to take. He has to go back to Harefield next week for another check up, and also has to phone in the morning to get his blood results and make sure the anti-biotics are the right ones.

Also, in other news, lauren has been given a full time nursery place. Which will hopefully make things easier for when THE call finally does decide to come in, and I am dashing off down harefield daily. As before i would have a 3 hour slot to get there, visit and getback. And considering the journey there is 45mins o na good day, well I'd be pushing it just a bit. So now, i am 6hours between pick up and drop offs with just Serena and Peter to take care of.

Emily, my sweetie, keep going, dont push and take it slowly you hear! i want to see you up and about at harefield at some point, but no rushing ok. xxx


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~Kayla~ said...

I always wait with baited breath as the page loads and am always thankful to read a new entry, another day you have with Peter. Hang in there, I haven't stopped praying & I've added your link to my prayer concern list on my blog. God Bless you all.