Thursday, January 04, 2007

Its been a strangley sad and wonderful day today.

First the sad. I post on an internet parenting site. I have been posting there for around 4 years now, and have built up friendships with some people, and get to know other posters well. Today it was posted up that a poster's 2year old daughter died in her sleep yesterday. The grief has cut so deeply to many members, and has really affected everyone. Its impossible to know what the family are going through as they deal with the grief of losing a toddler. As someone said, they have a 2yr old hole in their lives. The pain of losing a loved one is always hard, but losing a toddler or baby must rip you apart so so much. Thoughts and prayers are with G and her family at this terrible time of grief.

And then to tonight. At around 9pm, i got a text from Emmie, to say that Emily was going to theatre for a Lung transplant. Finally! After 22months on the list, Emily has a chance of life. Emily has cystic fibrosis and was placed on the transplant list in March 2005, around the same time that Peter was listed. She had spent a large part of the summer in hospital as her lungs were behaving badly, and has lately been very dependant on her O2. Even talking has been a struggle.

Tonight has been an over whealming mixture of emotions, I am sobbing but i dont know if it is with happiness or grief anymore.


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Anonymous said...

Sarah such an emotional blog to read. no wonder you having a good cry.........Such a rollercoaster for you and your family too from looks of things after only briefley reading your space/blog etc. Weird as people do ask how do you cope etc and its such an emotional rollercoaster that you hold on as tight as you can and go with all the bumps etc until back down to earth well for a while anyhow........

anyhow positive vines to Emily thinking of her and her family and donor family too etc.

Also prayers for your friends loss of a child must be so devestating and difficuilt to find right words to express heartfelt emotions....

Take care and allow yourself a good cry -Elaine xx