Saturday, January 13, 2007

Friends, at times like this you know who you real ones are

the ones who bother to keep in touch. So to my good friends Andy, Rachel, Karl, Charlene, Claire, Kelly, Ciaron, Dave, Zen and Dan, thank you for being there for me over the last 2 years of this hell, for sending cards, remembering birthdays, and general chats. For all my online friends who put up with my late night ramblings of joy, desperation, despair, elation and sobs, thank you as well. And for my wonderful family, my sisters Maria and Lisa, my brother Simon, my parents, peters family, and all those cousin (54 at last count) who have been there as well, thank you.


2007 can only get better.


maria said...

2007 WILL be your year. Things can only get better

Lisa D said...

Hi Hun

We will of course always be here. I always ask hows your day been and you always say "fine". LOL, I have to come here to hear what you really think that day :)
Keep your head up lovey, hugs, kisses and love. Lisa x

u_rosebud said...

I'm checking all the time too..

I think about you guys every minute.

Even from Australia you have friends that care. :)