Thursday, November 30, 2006

tick tick, tick tick, tick tick beeeeep

How long can you hear a noise before it becomes normal? Peters machine constanting ticks, and beeps when it gets unplugged to move about, change batteries etc.
And even though he has been home since August, and he has had the LVAD since July 2005, I am STILL not used it. I know when i work in Safeway many moons ago, the checkouts would do that annoying beep whenever you scanned an item. And at least once a day you;d get a witty(or so they think) customer saying 'I bet you hear that noise in your sleep? ha ha ha'. And really you want to say 'oh yes, the annoying voices of customers regulary haunt me in my dreams' but you dont. You say 'Oh you get used to it'. And i na way you do. But then Safeway undated the till system. And the new scanners had a little button you could press to change the tone of the beep. Oh what fun! So instead of 'beep beep', you can have 'blip' 'beeep' or a little tune if you could get the sequence of button pressing right. So you couldnt ignore the noise, because as soon as you get used to one set of beeps, the gap year student working there would have a fiddle with the box. But why would a gap year student want to work in a supermarket in the middle of hertfordshire? Are they meant to be going backpacking and experiencing the world?

if only there was a button i could press to vary the noises the LVAD makes, could make life more interesting....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dead veins

Peters veins have finally given up. they cant get blood out of him for co-ag tests (twice weekly). They attempted to get blood 6 times, twice out of his foot!! So he is now on fingerpricks tests for his anti-coagulant tests. but even that failed yesterday. 5 finger pricks, and no reading. So what next? ah ha, we heated up his hands, (with the aid of my gothic style fingerless gloves), and tried with a tiny needle and a syringe. So they managed to get enough for yestedays blood tests. (for those that are interested his INR level was fine, so no adjustments are to made to his warfain meds.

Hopefully things will improve soon on the blood situation.