Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Peter is Home!!!

And getting back to being a daddy. teehee. Thats Serena being thrown about, and dont worry, the bag and her mouth were empty, so not a choking hazard :)

Friday, August 11, 2006

An online friends husband died this week on holiday.

Feel really really sad about it. he was fairly young, and fit. They think he had a heart attack or stroke. I cant put into words how upset i am for my online friend and her dear 2 little girls.

But the thing that really mad me sob, is when she typed that she felt sad that his organs were unusable for transplant, and as he lay there dead, she thought of me, peter and the girls. Someone else says i should be proud of the fact that I have highlighted the needs for organ donors on the sites i use. But i feel terribly sad about it. When I have been urging people to sign up, and they have got their families signed up etc, i never imagined that one would pass away. I know its the circle of life, and that for peoples lives to be saved, we need people to die, but its so so hard to deal with.

So for Anna and her girls, I am praying for them return safely to the UK on sunday, and for enternal strength in all of this.


You are truely loved.