Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just a little rant.

Things are bothering me a bit today, dunno why but here goes.

please dont look disgusted when you see my Peter out and about, he is not a freak, and yes i know you can see his blood, but so what. yes it does tick all the time and it is loud, yes it did keep me awake for a few weeks, but not so bad now. He can talk, its only his heart that is bad, and his memory is poor due to his stroke but you can ask him directly himself. No, we didnt know he would be like this. Yes he is on the transplant list, and no we dont know when iut will be. Yes i know someone has to die so he can live. I try not to think about that bit too much. No, i dont think he will die.

And yes he does take sugar in his tea.


Bev said...

Thinking of you all very much Sarah. People can be so nasty without even opening their mouths.

Just think, when people say the stupid thing that someone has to die, in the words of one of our transplant co-ordinators "that person is going to die anyway, there is no way that they can be saved. They will be brain dead, but before their death they and their family made the fantastic decision to donate their organs, so that someone else could live" and that someone will be your Peter.

I had and still have a member of my family - one of my uncles - who won't speak to us, because "some poor bugger had to die to save Lucy."

Small minded, and not at all educated in transplantation and the severe shortage of donor organs in the UK.

Lucy prays for Emily, I pray for you and Peter.....

Take care, much love and hugs

Bev xxxx

Clementine said...

Just had a look at your blog. havn't looked in ages. Hope you are all doing good and that it won't be long now. Always in my prayers. Clementine (Mumsonline)