Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some of the hardest updates are when no words will help.

Peter was at clinic today. A time to meet up with old clinic friends, pop into the ward that was his home for 16months. Last clinic was 5 weeks ago, when we learnt that Tyronne had passed away. Today, we learnt that Brian passed away on sunday. So many lives lost through lack of donors.

All the harefield angels, RIP.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just a little rant.

Things are bothering me a bit today, dunno why but here goes.

please dont look disgusted when you see my Peter out and about, he is not a freak, and yes i know you can see his blood, but so what. yes it does tick all the time and it is loud, yes it did keep me awake for a few weeks, but not so bad now. He can talk, its only his heart that is bad, and his memory is poor due to his stroke but you can ask him directly himself. No, we didnt know he would be like this. Yes he is on the transplant list, and no we dont know when iut will be. Yes i know someone has to die so he can live. I try not to think about that bit too much. No, i dont think he will die.

And yes he does take sugar in his tea.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Better late than never.

seeing as i am here adjusting things today (Nicole and Lauren are at MIL's, and Serena and Peter are napping), i though i better get these pictures up from the fun run.

Never lie on the floor with children about

Lauren is on my legs pinning me to the floor, and Serena is on my back giving me cuddles.

Peter is home again

He came home friday night. No idea what really happened with regard the bleeding, as everything came back clear. His dressings will be done daily for a while. But he is doing well. bit sore from all the prodding and poking, but ok.

The picture today is an oldie, its over 4 years old. Peter had been diagnosed 6 months previously, but looks so healthy. That is a very young Nicole with him. I love this picture, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.