Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Peter is back in hospital

Lazy sundays. lovely lazy days of doing nothing, going out for lunch sometimes and havign someone cook for you.

But as soon as we order, Peter pales and feel 'odd'. But being a man who loves gammon, he carries on with his meal, call his mum afterwards to arrange for his dressings to be done after the football. I start to bathe the 3 cherubs (they were being lovely, so were cherubs not the usual monkeys). Just as i pop the littlist one in the bath, his mum calls me into Peters room. the bathroom is only 2 steps from peters room, so I tell nicole to keep an eye on the others. Peters mum is concerned about the LVAD site as it doesnt seem right. She thought it may be the wadding stuff of the dressings. So i HAVE to have a look. In the 16months Peter has had his LVAD I have never seen under those dressings. not once. But i was brave, and i didnt faint. The top tube from the left ventricle was a mess. There was lots of clotty blood all down the tube. i went back to the bathroom and then i had to call the on-call transplant co-ordinator at harefield, and get her to call Peters mobile so he could explain the situation. two minutes later, another shout, to get Peters stuff packed as he needs to go in. I get the kids bathed and dressed for bed in record time (including hair washing and headlice check, the joys of having school and nursery aged children), and the bag ready to go. So Peter goes back to hospital, Serena is stroppy (18months old and just got used to having daddy home), Nicole is upset, and lauren, well she doesnt care as long as she gets a cup of milk before bed.

At the hospital, they redo his dressing as he is pouring blood. they remove the clotty stuff, do swabs, bloods and murmur about his thyroxine messing with his warfarin. At midnight, INR level comes back as 3.7 which is within range. just. So not the thyroxine causing a problem.

7am monday, more bloood pouring out, more clotty gunge removed.

5pm same as above.

11pm same as above.

But today. no excessive bleeding. So no packing of the wound needed. infections levels are fine, no infection present. INR is stable, no problems there. everything is fine. but he cant come home till the results of the swabs come back.

maybe in time for another lazy sunday eh.


Friday, September 08, 2006



Peter is doing the fun run with his LVAD :)

me and the 3 young ones are going as well.