Thursday, June 29, 2006

I have just cried my eyes out.

I havent cried so much at a TV programme in ages. I justwatched 'who gets the heart' on channel four. seeing Peter Field, it bought back some very strong memories and emotions. I have gotton so used to waiting now, trying to remember life before LVAD is hard. I cant remember what its like going out with no worries and no cares. I have to carry my mobile at all times, i worry if i do go out and lose signal, I paniced this morniung when the phone rang at 6.30am, turned out serena had hit redail and was chatting to peter on the phone. better than dialing 999 like she did last week.

just want a 'normal' life again, to be a family again, to be able to carefree-ish again.

when will that call come?



diane said...

thinking of you x

BabyLongLegs said...

I watched this programme too, DeeDee...and I was thinking of you and Peter as I was watching it.
My thoughts are with you.
Sarah xXx