Sunday, April 02, 2006

I am not very good at blogging.

I keep meaning to update but get sidetracked. Once again I am ill so am not allowed near the hospital. i have lost the hearing in both my ears as i am so bunged up. its driving me mad.

Peter has done his 5 escorted visits now, He has walked to the village with his mum, and i have taken him to Rickmansworth Lakes, (aerodrome i think its called), Uxbridge, The Coy Carp for lunch and his nurse Louise bougt him home for lunch one day which was lovely. Lauren got a bit confused and asked if he was all better now, bless her. Nicole was very excited as it was the day after her birthday as well. And Serena? Well she was the most excited of all! she squealed in delight when she saw it was Daddy getting out of the car, and crawled up the front path to greet him. It was fantastic.

He has also done 2 unescorted trips out. So only another 3 to go then him coming home will be a reality. We have to sort out carers, equipment etc etc. So its all pretty full on here atm.

Will do more in the morning. off to take my dud ears to bed. :)


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