Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Little model, maybe..........

Peter has been progressing well physcially. His machine has been a bit 'off' though. It keeps going into fixed (means a fixed amount of blood will be pumped via the machine rather than adjusting for activities like walking where he'd need more blood pumped, ) mode which is worrying. His eyesight hasnt recovered yet from his stroke back in November.

And theres little Serena. I was just curious if she'd be good enough to be a model, so emailed her pictures off to a few agencies in london. And today we met with one. They are interested in Serena, and want her on the books. I am still not 100%, so am going to leave it a week or so, but Peter says do it, he wants his little girl to be a star.

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~Kayla~ said...

Good luck sweetie! You guys are staying in my prayers!