Friday, February 24, 2006

So so tired.

Ihave been so run down lately, the kids have all been ill and we havent made it to harefield as much as we'd had liked to. Peter is doing well though. His mum is going to learn how to do his dressings over the next fortnight or so, there was also meant to be a meeting yesterday with th OT and everyone about getting him home. guess i need to get a move on with switching rooms about. this is gonna be fun!

And there is Serena again. It was her 1st birthday on the 21st Feb. Peter found it hard going as he has most of her 1st year of life in hospital. He has missed so much of her and the older 2 growing up, so i have tons and tons of photographs uploaded to a personal album, so when he comes home he can see them all.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Little model, maybe..........

Peter has been progressing well physcially. His machine has been a bit 'off' though. It keeps going into fixed (means a fixed amount of blood will be pumped via the machine rather than adjusting for activities like walking where he'd need more blood pumped, ) mode which is worrying. His eyesight hasnt recovered yet from his stroke back in November.

And theres little Serena. I was just curious if she'd be good enough to be a model, so emailed her pictures off to a few agencies in london. And today we met with one. They are interested in Serena, and want her on the books. I am still not 100%, so am going to leave it a week or so, but Peter says do it, he wants his little girl to be a star.