Sunday, December 04, 2005

How do you cope? You must have a plan or stragedy in place?

one of the other patients is going through transplant assessment. he says him and his missus are going to pick mine and peters brains on how to cope. but how do we cope? i have no idea. the way i see it, we have two options in all this, option one, complain about how unfair it all is, and just lie down and give up, or option two, carry on as much as normal, and keep fighting.


Sarah said...

I used to be asked how I coped when my son was undergoing surgery/treatment for a malignant brain tumour. I had the same attitude as you, you just get on with it, no good asking why me, because why not? It's not fair, no it's not fair, but it is what is is. I will keep you in my prayers, it seems so much harder at this time of year although we did manage to get home late on Christmas Eve only to rush back in on boxing day, but at least we had time at home.
Take care, I will be thinking of you.
Sarah x

misdee said...

thanks, thinking of you as well at this time of year.