Thursday, November 03, 2005

Its midnight and I cannot sleep, again :(

Peter has another possible infection. He is back on barrier nursing again whilst they await lab result to see what is making him ill this time. His LVAD tubes were a mess today when his dressing was done, very gungey. He also is suffering stomache problems.

Today I looked at a new school for our eldest daughter,Nicole. She will be starting there monday. Part of me feels that maybe this is the wrong time for her to be moving schools, but the main attraction of the new scxhool is how close to home it is, compared with her current school, which will no doubt make things easier.

And also, our youngest daughter, Serena, had an 8month health check today. she is doing fine, HV is slightly concerned at her slow weight gain and i have to take Serena back in 4 weeks to be weighed again.


dewwy peterson said...
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Stephanie said...

I only read your first post, but know that someone from across the world is praying for you in your struggles.

God Bless You.