Saturday, October 15, 2005

One week till Peter gets back on the list, plus other worries

Hopefully. yesterday he was meant to have an angiogram done to check the pressures in his heart. It was cancelled at the last minute aand has been rescheduled for monday. then the team wil lmeet on thursday to discuss whether or not he is fit enough to go back on the list. I hopehe is.

But I also have other worries as well. My little brother has a problem with his esophagus, it has virtually closed off twice now in 2 years. the 1st time he had an op which involved inflating a balloon down his throat to open it up again. Then in January this year they operated as again he couldnt eat without being sick as food wasnt going into the stomache, it was sitting and rotting in the esophagus. It now appears the problem has occured again, he has lost another 2 stone, and is having to go for further tests. Life definatly isnt easy atm.


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