Thursday, October 06, 2005

March 14th 2005
Peter was officially placed on the heart transplant list. Even now i feel scared of the prospect, that to keep my husband alive, someone has to die and their family have to agree to their organs being donated. At a time when they are greiving they give this amazing gift of a second chance of life, well it blows me away. Peter had 3 calls in April and May of 2005, none of which were suitable to be used. In June we ventured down to All-hallows on sea for a short break, Peter was at that point using a wheelchair. He had to do an 24 hr urine collection the last day we were there, and his mum took him to Harefield for a transplant-clinic appointment that day as well. He came out of the clinic so happy as it was the 1st time he had been for anappointment and been allowed home the same day. But in the week following he went rapidly downhill. Another appointment was due on the 20th June so he held off till then. He was met at the clinic by a nurse who took him staight back to the transplant ward. The 24hr urine test had shown that his kidneys were not functioning correctly. The Doctors decided to try some high hitting meds (dopamine) to try and get his kidneys and heart functioning better, and also his liver which was also in a bad state. They also then talked about a LVAD being fitted soon as time was running out for transplant.
Peters 26th birthday was the 25th June, we celebrated it with a chocolate cake in his hospital room. It was a very strange experience.
The following week LVAD's were mentioned again. They are used as a 'bridge to transplant' and the hope is that the device would keep Peter going till a suitable donor heart becomes available.
Peter was fitted with a thoratec LVAD ( )on the 6th July 2005. He spent around 5days in ITU, and then went back onto thetransplant ward. He suffered a massive blood clot in his leg in the 1st week back on transplant ward, and that set his recovery back a fair amount. he has also had a few infections, one of which set his ICD ( off 5 times in one day. The road to recovery hasnt been easy but slowly he is making progress. He has right now an infection which is holding up the tests to see if he can go back on the transplant list. Once he has receovered ad is deemed fit enough we can carry on with hoping.

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