Sunday, October 02, 2005


All stories must have a beginning middle and end. So today i will give you the beginning of our journey, the start of our story. And then we will move onto the middle, the here and now, and hopefully one day this journeywill have an end.There will be tears, laughter, sorrow and happiness.

August 1997
I meet my future husband

August 1999
We got married

March 2000
Our 1st daughter is born

Jan 2002
Found out we are expecting our 2nd child.

April 22nd 2002.
Peter, my husband was seriously ill. The GP had been out twice and told him off for calling her out, the ambulance had been called and the crew gave him a nebuliser. But nothing was working. Fortunatly Peters mum came round and took us to the hospital. Peter was suffering heart pains, breathlessness and generally very weak. He was taken round to resus1, where we joked that he must be seriously ill to be in there. Heart attack patients were being bought in, and here lay a 22yr old man, with his whole life ahead of him. One of the junior docs came to see us and said he suspected peter had a blood clot on his lung or a collasped lung. Blood was taken, painkillers given, tests started. And the all important x-ray was going to be done. So we waited.
X-ray was taken. The junior doc saw it, and suddenly the doc on call was there, also looking at Peters x-ray's, discussing what it was that was wrong with my husband. I caught that there was something wrong with his heart. The dco came over to us, looking very grave and serious, sat down and explained that Peters heart appeared very large on his x-ray and she would like to do an Echocardiogram there in resus1. The machine was bought in, and about 20 different members of staff poured into the cubicle. The doc (who happened to be the hospitals cardiologist) explained things to the other staff members and it all went over my head.
After the bombshell. Peter was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM, enlarged heart), and needed to be admitted to CCU that night. I went to call his mum. How do you tell someone their son has a serious life threatening condition? I couldnt do it. I just asked her to come to the hospital,and i let the nurses explain it. the situation was bad, and i didnt know what to do. When i got upto to CCU and saw Peter all wired upto machines it tore me apart. He looked so weak and fragile.
He wasnt allowed to move further than the side of his bed, and spent the 1st 3days in CCU before being moved onto cardio ward. His mum was told to expect the worst.

But its now Oct 2005, and he is still here. He needs a heart transplant, and the blog is here to tell our story and how we are waiting for the call that will change our lives.


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