Sunday, October 02, 2005

But there is more to get us upto date.

My 1st post is about the day that changed our lives. April 22nd 2002. That datewill be etched in my memory forever. Our lives fell apart, and i didnt know how to cope. still dont tbh. Two weeks after diagnoses, Peter was home with lots of pills totake and appointment cards for co-ag checks, cardio appointments. But no-one to contact for support. I had been searching the internet for information and had founds some sites saying life expentancy was 5years, which scared me, but then found the CMA website ( which helped me deal with things better as it was very up to date with the latests treatments etc.
Peter remained pretty stable until Oct 2004. He had just had his flu jab and felt very weak. He was admitted to the local hospital several times during nov-jan, but the hospital said his heart was ok, stable etc, even tho Peter was showing signs of progressing heart failure. We got fed up with the to-ing and fro-ing so took him back to the hospitalwhere he was diagnosed. The admitted him back to cardio ward, and got him transferred to Harefield hospital for assessment for heart transplant. I was 35weeks pregnant with our 3rd child then. And due to be induced at the end of feb. Peter had the tests for transplant done and came home 2days before i was going to be induced. Two weeks after our 3rd daughter was born Peter was officially placed on the list for heart transplant.

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